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Vesna Smiljanić Rangelov, One day when I get the house in order

One day when I get the house in order

One day when I get the house in order
When the kitchen is free of crumbs
And there are no rags to wash
And no dirty dishes
And when the only thing on the dining table is still life
Set in a bowl that’s sparkling clean
Bathed in sunlight that brings the home to life
Through the curtain-less window glass
When all the newspapers are neatly stacked like files
When I no longer have the “everything” basket
Which really is filled with all sorts of things
But mostly kernels, flakes, and tiny stones
Of unknown origin
When I no longer trip over toys
Those sharpest stones
Every time I try not to trip on a cable
When the mathematical rule holds true
And every sock has its pair
When I lift every single thing on the shelf
And swipe away the dust underneath
When I no longer move things just not to look at them
When all the sheets are so perfectly neat
That a fly would slip should it land on one
And when the floor is clean enough to eat off of
When the pantry is all classified and sorted
Like in hysterical magazines
Where even chaos is sorted and neat
Let alone the metal, the glass, the wood,
The carvings and the ceramics
Not to mention stuff under the bed, handles, wall sockets
And the inside of the cupboard door
And when all of that is done in a day
Then, nobody will think I’m lying about having Migrations
But being unable to find it
Because then I’ll take a peek through the glass
(the books will be behind a pane of glass)
And I will see where all three copies are
And I won’t look forward to my beloved not sleeping at home
Because there’s barely any free space to lie down
Without disturbing the clothes that I need to iron
And which already need to be washed again
No, I will wake before him at the break of dawn
And I will have no guests over later that day
It will be the day when all the books I wish to read will be read
A perfect day, complete and clean
Like death.

Vesna Smiljanić Rangelov  born in 1977. Grew up in Murtenica. Pupil-pedestrian. Acquired her MA at the Slavonic Department, University in Belgrade. Completed the Studies of Culture and Gender at AAOM. Does a bit of writing, motherhooding and clevering around.







Translator Filip Čolović (1995) – born in Belgrade, he is currently finishing his undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Philology of the University of Belgrade (English Department). At the moment, he works as a content writer and translator. Appreciates the avant-garde and all forms of quality art and fiction.
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This article was published in March of 2019, within the Awakening topic.

Painting: Stojan Milanov

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