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The Thoughts That Precede Svetolik’s Awakening

Written by Kicolik, Svetolik Jozić’s parrot

Svetolik. Svetkolik. Svet ovolik1Svet ovolik: What a big world. There, he lies, jaws agape. From time to time, a small bubble rises from his mouth. The mouth is quiet (oddly enough), the only sound being the occasional snore that follows the breath. I listen to his internal organs: Svetolik’s liver: I am the first to wake up. I’ve had enough of that. Get your body in order. Svetolik’s-muddled-brain: I wish a song had remained, something from yesterday, just so I don’t have to think, juuuussst so I don’t have to thiiiink, what movie did I watch? What have I eaten, read, who am I, I just hope it doesn’t come to me. Just let me sleep a little bit more. Just a liiittle more hibernation. Come on, I don’t want to think about good morning, where’s the problem… Svetolik’s bladder: am I full or am I full of enthusiasm; The back of the brain, less muddled: what did I do to deserve thisSvetolik’s appendix: dude, I am an appendix. The heart: let’s pump a little bit more, maybe some blood manages to reach the brain!Oh really? What’s wrong with the brain? The things that the ear can hear, you’ve got no idea.Svetolik. Svetkolik. Svet ovolik*! That’s why I don’t want to see anything. There, I am not looking, said the eye, nice and full, enveloped by the sclera, the eye. Could be the left, or it could be the right eye, who knows. So, I was watching something. Yes, here he comes. There he is! There he is, he’s waking up. Old man. Wake up, old man! (Feathers fly). Svetolik, Svetkolik! Svet ovolik*…

Translator Filip Čolović (1995) – born in Belgrade, he is currently finishing his undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Philology of the University of Belgrade (English Department). At the moment, he works as a content writer and translator. Appreciates the avant-garde and all forms of quality art and fiction.

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This article was published in March of 2019, within the Awakening topic.

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