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Mari Maxwell, Ceannbhàn Magic

Ceannbhàn Magic

I watch the bog cotton sway
on a June evening,
while the Shetland ponies greet me at the gate
and purple clover twists and bends.
So neighbour, I climbed your galvanised gate.
And oh yes farmer, I strode through your wild grasses
and buttercups.
Watched the last play of swallows hang-glide
in a dusky sky.
And yes, oh yes, I picked your bog cotton.
Trailed its down upon my cheek.
Angel’s caresses.
My mother’s essence.
And all the while the bog cotton played
me a lullaby,
the sweetest of hugs.

Mari Maxwell. Mari’s publications include: Irish Times, Bosom Pals (Doire Press), Veils, Halos & Shackles: International poetry On The Oppression And Empowerment of Women (Kasva Press), Crannog, A New Ulster, , Haiku,, Ropes, The Cabinet of Heed and others. Her work is published online and in print in Ireland, USA, India, Brazil and Australia.

Read in Serbian HERE.

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