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Louis Hemmings, Shrine-hidden, battered bell holds breath

Shrine-hidden, battered bell holds breath

Gospel, goblet and crude brass bell,
that ‘clog’ crushed Druid-dire spells,
humble tocsin healed but couldn’t save;
promise plundered from Patrick’s grave.

bell tongue challenged powerful royalty,
craftsmen reclaimed slave-subject loyalty;
patterened shrine glowed sun gold:
diverted testamental truth simply told.

Blessing hindered, bell safely hidden,
pagan religion preached, Christ forbidden;
gemstones glittered, securely embedded,
High King of heaven, pagan kings dreaded.

Centuries-buried bell, in oaken ark,
Victorian spade hit mapped out mark;
anxious antiquarians sighed with relief,
precious bell unappropriated by thief.

Shrine-hidden, battered bell holds breath,
miracles multiplied since Patrick’s death;
behind bullet-proof glass, tourists stare –
but pilgrims still pray his Breastplate prayer…

Patrick’s Bell miraculous powers had to be disarmed, thus the gem studded shrine was commissioned by King Donall O’Loghlin

clog, tr from Irish = bell.

High Tower / Round Tower – places of refuge.

Read in Serbian HERE.

Louis Hemmings started writing poetry in 1972, when his boarding school girlfriend found his first-ever poem…in the classroom bin. Since then he has written numerous poems, won a Poetry Ireland award, been published in diverse magazines, and samizdat-published a dozen small collections.

While attending a community college in 2018, Louis accidentally discovered that he could write credible fiction. The Logistics of Adultery: dreams and poetic possibilities – will be his auto-fiction novella.

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