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Katarina Fiamengo Alispahić, Poetry


Absolute adjustment
is the stupidest ideal
of co-life
Are we just
parasites of every community
How to be selfless to
as you give yourself
what you deserve
Without pathetic feelings
without autocracy
without affinity for S&M
Are we the unhappiest
and the freest to be
when we are tied
Excuses are
so easy
to make


From the beginning of the morning
it looked like
a dream

Heels echo
between concrete
walls through
unnatural silence

Dogs have familiar

Scenery calms you
until you notice that
today everything looks
like a landfill

Green, you breathe

Streets are narrow
traffic lights are short
it is always necessary
to get to
the other side

Only dogs have
familiar eyes

Maybe it is a dream
Maybe it is really
just a dream

Heels echo
without waking up

Bugs became part of
your bag’s ecosystem
you became the part of
your bag’s ecosystem
and concrete walls

Good day, traffic lights,
pedestrian crossings

Green never lasts
long enough

Dogs are not the par of your

Dogs know

This is not a dream
This is not just a dream


Morning still
brings comfort
in small rituals

Whole January smelled
like hot doughnuts
and coffee today
still has
good taste

landscape hides
the true story:
In a period of ten days
we go through the change of 20 degrees
and unique winter
in front of our eyes,
drags people with her

very fast
our footprints
Water will
wash us all out in the end
and it can’t be
blamed on her

And after the water leaves
there will probably be
something worth of
the new sprouting


In this swollen reality
you have needs
urges for unlocking
and (re)connecting

In the first eye opening
you have contempt to bags under eyes,
drive to get up
as soon as possible,
to get yourself together

Function and interdiction
give the meaning,
sense of power

(What you feel has nothing
to do with it
it is pure lethargy
of self awareness)

Prepare yourself for the jump
empty minutes
are the breaking points
there is no time
there isn’t.

Katarina Fiamengo Alispahić was born on the 10th of March 1984 in Kladovo. She writes poetry, haiku and short stories. She participated in regional literary festivals, receiver of numerous regional awards for poetry and prose. Editor of the poetry column for the “Afirmator” online magazine. She currently lives in Belgrade.

Books: “Rcioadina” (a collection of works from the “CSM” literary workshop with 6 authors led by Drapko Miletic, Belgrade, Serbia, 2005), “Profiles” (a collection of poetry, Literary Club “Branko Miljkovic”, Knjazevac, Serbia, 2007), “The Night Before” (a collection of poetry, received the “Spasoje Pajo Blagojevic” award at the Piva poetry night, Cultural Centre Pluzine, Montenegro, 2009), “Symbiosis” (a poetry collection translated by Elena Prendžova to Macedonian, “Sovremenost”, Skopje, Macedonia, 2015). She translated selected poems from Elena Prendzova’s “Politically Correct Poetry/Lovable” (“Sovremenost”, Skopje, Macedonia, 2015). (Biography translated by Mihajlo Stojkovic)

Translator, Dragana Rudić: Born in 1986. She finished her master’s degree at the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade at the Department of Comparative Literature. She lives and works in Shanghai where she is involved in the literary circles. She translates poetry, writes and publishes short stories and visual art.








This article was published in March of 2019, within the Awakening topic.

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This article was originally published in Serbian and you can read it here. Translated into English by Dragana Rudić.

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