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Katarina Fiamengo Alispahić, Poetry

Written by: Katarina Fiamengo Alispahić

Translated by: Kruna Petrić


You say it has
always rained on
your birthdays, but
climate change and I
have brought
into your Septembers
into Amazonia and Siberia
Greek poleis
and everyone’s blood pressure
I walk around the apartment
looking for the air
every day I choose
between the AC and
a sniffle
and wonder,
I seriously wonder,
what reeks
of spoiled
Is it us
I think it’s us


I cannot even imagine what
the baobabs have seen
from their gigantic guardhouses
full of water
It would be so great
if the baobabs outlived us
as well as this blue little ball
in the cosmic game of marbles
Luka is still too small to play
with marbles and pebbles
but he will learn as time goes by
(the baobabs already know)
what he can and cannot do
with the only house we have
for now


Red pandas are small
and moody
and some of the cutest things
in the world
I wish I could one day head off
to a forest of red pandas
at my own peril
and listen to their grumbling
and brawling
without ever being noticed
Red pandas are small and fluffy
and cranky
such a beautiful sight
Australian zoo garden
gave birth to 3 baby pandas
I wish I could show
my baby boy
little pandas and their
red mommy
being free
Our orange tomcat
is just about
the same size
a city fox thinking it is
a human
and wondering why it cannot
sleep in our bed
ever since a bald-headed
youngling arrived
smiling at it


African countries
inhabit large cats
large and dangerous
I wish there were lots of them
but that is not the case
They say Tibetan tigers need
nine generations
to become kittens
How many generations do humans need
to become tamed
I wonder
I wonder

Katarina Fiamengo Alispahić was born on the 10th of March 1984 in Kladovo. She writes poetry, haiku and short stories. She participated in regional literary festivals, receiver of numerous regional awards for poetry and prose. Editor of the poetry column for the “Afirmator” online magazine. She currently lives in Belgrade.

Books: “Rcioadina” (a collection of works from the “CSM” literary workshop with 6 authors led by Drapko Miletic, Belgrade, Serbia, 2005), “Profiles” (a collection of poetry, Literary Club “Branko Miljkovic”, Knjazevac, Serbia, 2007), “The Night Before” (a collection of poetry, received the “Spasoje Pajo Blagojevic” award at the Piva poetry night, Cultural Centre Pluzine, Montenegro, 2009), “Symbiosis” (a poetry collection translated by Elena Prendžova to Macedonian, “Sovremenost”, Skopje, Macedonia, 2015). She translated selected poems from Elena Prendzova’s “Politically Correct Poetry/Lovable” (“Sovremenost”, Skopje, Macedonia, 2015). (Biography translated by Mihajlo Stojkovic)

Translator, Kruna Petrić is a 28-year-old English teacher living in Belgrade. She has been working with English students of various age for 5 years and translating texts, articles, research papers and text-books relating to business, marketing, entrepreneurship, etc. Her goal is to completely shift to translating literature, be it poetry or (non)fiction. Her English word of choice is curiosity!



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