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Anđela Pendić, Poetry


Birds didn’t fly alone
Over the rooftops
Behind are the future colors
Chipped around edges,
With no place to be,
It’s the hope’s way of saying Hello,
But how can I trust her
When she speaks in my language
How you moved past these lands
With “hallowed be. thy name”
when in every crack there is a desire
Instead of a flower blossoming.
I know you passed these walls
I prepare and prepare for
like you know them from forever
Since they reek of different echo
If you wait, stop
Next to smoke pillars
Of light, they are in and out of me
At the same time
Your waking and my thirst
will be obsolete
Once they lay in fruits of nature.


When we woke up
Plants were already crushed
Like after a hug, standing behind.
In this town light is so simple
But her name is still hidden
Filling bodies
Like height or youth.
We follow life’s swirls
And faces from walls approach
Bringing their victories and
Gold from chandeliers.
We want to yell – our only memory!
And fight for it one last time
But even before we show our weakness
We know we are lost
In this town.
Here you should stay numb
Keep the secret of your palms
For some other games with different rules,
That we are, however, going to play,


Branches with fold with time
I can not prevent it – says the voice
Caught in the ruins.
I wake up recognizing
That it is my voice
My old voice
And I see that shadow lurking in branches
Is time itself.

Anđela Pendić, was born in 1993 in Belgrade. She is currently a PhD student at the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade (Department of General Linguistics). She has two poem collections published, The Mark/The Birthmark (2015, published as first place award winning manuscript at the “Poet’s word” festival at the Piva river source) and Fire (2016, which received the first place award at the Sombor city literary festival). Being the finalist multiple times of the Young Poets’ Festival in Vrbas, her work is included in love poetry collections– Broken Lines and Eyes Full of Bees­which the festival published in 2015 and 2018.She is three times second place winner at the Ratkovic poetry nights.  She was a finalist two times in the Zajecar and Knjazevac festivals. Her poetry has been published in Pancevo’s “Manuscripts”, in journals: Ranges, Trace, Education, and the Balkan Literary Herald. She participated in the first “Anonymous Poets” poet workshop under the mentoring of Ognjenka Lakicevic. Her work is included in the “This Side of the House” collection of works (2019, editor Djordje Majstorovic) which was created during the “The Text is Present” literary colony in Mali Idjoš.

Translator, Dragana Rudić: Born in 1986. She finished her master’s degree at the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade at the Department of Comparative Literature. She lives and works in Shanghai where she is involved in the literary circles. She translates poetry, writes and publishes short stories and visual art.

This article was published in March of 2019, within the Awakening topic.

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This article was originally published in Serbian and you can read it here. Translated into English by Dragana Rudić.


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