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Amela Halilović, Stories

Written by: Amela Halilović

Translated by: Aleksandra Stojković

Two three-year-olds

The first three-year-old lives in a European country. The second three-year-old lives in Palestine. The first three-year-old puts a candy in his mouth and spits it out. The second puts a pebble in his mouth and swallows it.


For five weeks, a gentleman in a grey suit has been taking the same route to work as a young man in a grey suit who always sits in the second row behind the driver. The young man has a coffee stain on his lapel which the gentleman in the grey suit had noticed a while ago, but in the four weeks since the young man has neither removed the stain nor changed his suit. Visibly irritated by the sight, the gentleman points a finger at the lapel and in the politest tone says to the young man that perhaps he hasn’t noticed he has a stain. The young man responds that it is in fact a hole.

The man who drank water

In the villa of minister S. who had disappeared a few months before, every day a different man appeared claiming to be the missing minister, having just come out of surgery with some kind of amnesia. Today a man came, who in his appearance looked the least like minister S. but he did not have amnesia. He spoke in great detail of his disappearance just before the elections, when he took a trip to an African country in hopes of taking a photograph with the natives and their misery. Since he had already had photographs from some locations, he was forced to set foot in places that had not yet been touched by civilization. To the question of why he now looks the way he does, he responded with: “I drank water.”


The plot of the novel is set in the Mali Empire, in the mid-13th century. A poor man had received a clump of salt the size of a fist from a merchant he had hosted. Saying goodbye to the generous guest, the poor man set off for the marketplace in order to sell the salt for its weight in gold. He had many customers who offered various gold pieces. He didn’t have a scale so he held the salt in his right hand, and the offered gold in his left, and it always seemed to him that the salt was heavier.

The novel is unfinished. The writer is unknown to us.


Mr. T in his instructions on how to use the television set hadn’t found the sentence “In time you will learn to think with my antenna” and so now he sits in front of the screen not knowing where the idea that Barbosa really was a pirate came from.

Amela Halilović was born in 1990. in Tutin where she attended middle school and high school. In 2016. She graduated from the State University of Novi Pazar, department of Serbian Language and Literature. She is currently attending post-graduate Literature of the People of Bosnia and Herzegovina studies at the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Sarajevo. She writes poetry and prose. Her short stories have been published by the literary magazine Sent. Her short prose collection entitled Pesak (Sand)was published in 2018. She writes for the web-portal

Aleksandra Stojković, born August 23rd 1995, lives and attends University of Belgrade. She is currently in her final year of studies in the Faculty of Philology of the University of Belgrade, department of English. She works as a freelance translator and voice actress. She loves stories in all their forms, whether they be comic books, video games, movies or television shows.



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