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Aleksandra Jovičić, Poetry

In woods

Tree skeletons
Chant and ode to greed
Curse sounds of saws
Count years on cut siblings
Ninety three, ninety four…
Hundred and seven, hundred and eight
Oak graveyards curse:
Let you line be perished!
Let your hand wither!
May the sun never shine on you!
Hillside covered in tiny homes
Painted in happier times
Empty gardens with blue boxes
Homes to passed away bees
There is no saw sounds
No wind, no birds
Only sky hugs mountains
And sun cries for us


Our soil is hard and barren
Still hungover from the frost
First sprouts are waking up
Pale and weak.
Grass, born mushy
Dies mushy and forgotten

This is an image of our spring.
All we wanted it to be
Rosy and fresh.


Mine deep, torn dream
Dig, dug, covered, buried
Down the mine raped daylight
Under hills, pits, ponds

Machine claws dig graves
Screams echo through mountain tops
You blow your hands to warmth
And dive into sea of fog

A metal man, buried alive
You cross you heart and go forth
To tear gut of shivering earth
And frown, frown along

Aleksandra Jovičić: Born in Pristina, raised in Orahovac. Graduated from the Department for General Literature and Literature Theory at the University of Belgrade, completed her master’s studies at the Department for Serbian Literature and Language at the State University in Novi Pazar. Writes poetry, short stories and essays. Her work is present in domestic, regional and international journals and literary collections. Received the Mak Dizdar to the Young Poet award for the best unpublished poetry collection (Stolac 2017). Her collection Wanderings was published and promoted in Stolac in 2018 within the Slovo Gorčina festival. Lives and works in Lesak.

Translator, Dragana Rudić: Born in 1986. She finished her master’s degree at the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade at the Department of Comparative Literature. She lives and works in Shanghai where she is involved in the literary circles. She translates poetry, writes and publishes short stories and visual art.





This article was published in March of 2019, within the Awakening topic.

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This article was originally published in Serbian and you can read it here. Translated into English by Dragana Rudić.

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