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Aleksa Gajić, Comics

Aleksa Gajić: Born in Belgrade in 1974. Graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts in prof. Rastko Ciric’s class, with the Tecnhnotise comic album. He has been a permanent associate of the “Politikin Zabavnik” magazine since 1996. He works for the “Soleil” French publishing house since 2000, and has since then published 6 comic albums (published in 8 additional countries). He also published in Yugoslavia, aside from these albums, the comic album Technotise, as well as a the short comic collection In Bolts. He illustrated numerous books  in cooperation with various publishers. Collaborated with numerous journals and magazines as an illustrator. He is the author of a few economic-propagandic spots, as well as many music video spots, advertisement pamphlets, fliers, newspaper ads, calendars, placards… Participated in many group exhibitions and is the author of three independent exhibitions. (the most notable one being in 2005 at the Museum of Applied Art). He worked from 2006 to 2009 on his first animated feature-length film Technotise – Edit and I. He is currently living with his family in Zemun and working on new projects.

This article was originally published in Serbian and you can see it here. Translated into English by Mihajlo Stojković.

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