Ljiljana Pticina


Ljiljana Pticina (1985) has graduated from Faculty of pedagogy in Sombor and obtained master of philology degree at Faculty of philology in Belgrade and Faculty of philosophy in Novi Sad,related to general and comparative literature and theory of literature. She is currently a PhD student at Faculty of philosophy in Novi Sad. She has attended the summer school at the Andric Institute. She is into writing, literature criticism and she translates short stories. A few of her scientific papers and translations of short stories have been published. Her literature work has been published in different magazines and collections of short stories and poems (Trag, Koraci, Kult, Avangrad). She organized two literary contests in 2012 and 2013 as a part of the event Carnival In Sombor. For one year she was a literature and literary criticism editor as well as a columnist at Konkursi regiona.

She has worked as an English language teacher at center for foreign languages for 6 years and she is an online teacher of Serbian as a foreign language. She was one of the founders and coordinated the group “Translator’s Heart” that specializes in humanitarian medical translations. She is fluent in Serbian and English, whereas Russian and Spanish are at intermediate level and German at beginner’s level.